Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Profile : Lincoln Company

Henry Leland, one of the founders of rival Cadillac, also founded the Lincoln brand in 1917. Leland named the company after U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the U.S. Financial problems led to the company's acquisition by Ford Motor Company in 1922.

Envisioned as a competitor to General Motor's Cadillac division, Lincoln historically differentiated itself from Fords and Mercurys with unique designs, engine, and powertrains. Famous and well-known Lincolns include the Continental, Zephyr, the Mark series, and, of course, the Town Car. In 1998, Lincoln introduced the Lincoln Navigator, its first SUV and one of the largest in the luxury segment. Its introduction, combined with sales of the (now-defunct) Continental and Town Car, buoyed the brand to number one status in the U.S. until 1998, where foreign competition as well as rival Cadillac's even more massively successful Escalade, has pushed it aside.

In 2002, Ford discontinued the Lincoln Continental and Mark series. Replacing them include the smaller Lincoln LS which, too, would be cancelled in 2006. The LS has now been replaced by the MKZ (formerly known as the Zephyr). A second SUV, the short-lived Aviator, has been replaced by the all-new MKX crossover. Two recently introduced concepts, the MKS and the MKR, may replace the Town Car as early as 2008.

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